The 1902 Hutchings-Votey Organ, Op. 1494
From the 6th Church of Christ Scientist, Milwaukee, WI

The new owners of the building which housed this instrument, have decided that pipe-organs are inappropriate to their current worship-style, and so concluded that this century-old instrument is redundant.

A small group of OHS and AGO members organized, led and inspired by Stewart Dempsey has removed the instrument to storage provided by Stewart in the hope that the instrument can be relocated to an appreciative congregation or venue with appropriate space.

The instrument was carefully removed by Stewart and his volunteers with coaching from David Bohn, who is experienced in organ-removal, and from John Nolte of Nolte Organbuilders and Keith Williams of John-Paul Buzard, Organbuilers. Great care was taken in the removal and the instrument could be playing again with minimal restoration. The storage location is readily accessible, making removal rather simple.

If you are aware of an appropriate location for this fine instrument, please contact: or

Dimensions are available upon request, and a recording of the instrument is available.

I will update this page as new information and/or photos are available, so please check-back here.


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